Participation Is An Opportunity

You have the opportunity to be a part of your child's early education at LCNS! Parents are an intregal part of the school and LCNS would not be the incredible school that it is without the cooperative spirit and dedication of our wonderful parents. We pride ourselves on giving our children a safe, welcoming environment, and employ teachers who have made children their priority. Parents are encouraged and required to volunteer on committees, and even as Board members. However, all members have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process when decisions and changes are made.

More About Participation

You may be wondering what, exactly, participation at LCNS is, and what is required. When enrollment is high or full, two teachers and two parents (or guardians) are with the children each day school is in session. Parents watch and interact with children on the playground, during circle time, and assist the teachers during activities. When participating, parents are required to bring a healthy snack, and with the other participating parent, prepare and serve the food to the children. Some cleaning is involved, too.

What You Can Expect